Hopkins-Broome Wedding

7 Sep

Cory and Jennie were married here at Haywood Hall this past Saturday, September 5.  It was perfect weather for an outdoor wedding, and our grounds were looking especially nice thanks to a new coat of paint on the fence. 

Jennie’s parents and her friend Anise came earlier in the day to hang paper lanterns and arrange flowers.  I heard Jennie’s mom say, “We need a photo of this,” and I peeped out to see a mound of paper lanterns on the back porch.  I had to fight the urge to dive in.

Back porch lanterns

Here are a few other detail shots I snapped during the set up.  I thought Jennie’s dress was well-suited for the Haywood Hall setting, and I absolutely loved her rings.  The engagement ring is a family heirloom (Notice the original box.), and Cory had her wedding band made to complement it. 

Jennie's Dress

 Jennie's Dress -- Detail

Heirloom Ring

Hopkins-Broome Hydrangeas

Hopkins-Broome Wedding Program


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