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McGarry-Abbott Rehearsal Dinner

10 Oct

Burns McGarry and Amy Abbott will be married this evening at River Ridge Golf Club.  After yesterday’s wedding rehearsal, Burns’ parents hosted a dinner here at Haywood Hall.  Their color scheme and floral choices fit the fall season just perfectly! 

The groom’s cake was a direct play on the patterns found in the linens.  This photo was taken in the dining room before the cake was set up in the gazebo.


While most of the activity was centered under the tent, the buffet was served from the open area at the end of the house.  Cocktail tables were placed in the gardens to allow guests to enjoy the entire area.


This tent set-up is one of the prettiest we’ve had.  The liner and chandeliers add such elegance.


The guests dined under the tent, and the bar was placed at the end of the tent under the grape arbor.



 Catering and flowers by Catering Works; rentals by CE Rental; music by Dan Bowen; blog photographs by Sheryl Long.


Majoros-Will Rehearsal Dinner

9 May

On the eve of Kenny and Karla’s wedding day, Kenny’s family hosted a rehearsal dinner at Haywood Hall.  Caffe Luna catered the evening’s dinner. 


Majoros-Will Reheasal Dinner