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Winter Beauty

31 Jan

Snow has transformed Haywood Hall into a winter wonderland. 



More Snow

2 Mar

Yes, we’ve had another snow day here in Raleigh.  Just as we’re beginning to get the gardens spruced up for our spring events, we awake to find snow on the ground.  It wasn’t quite the blanket of snow we had in January, but it certainly did make Haywood Hall look pretty.

Haywood Hall in March Snow


Gardens in March Snow


Snowy Quince

Snow at Haywood Hall

21 Jan

Today we awoke to find Raleigh and Haywood Hall covered by a blanket of snow.  Fortunately, we did not have any events scheduled, so we were free to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenes.

Haywood Hall

Haywood Hall Gazebo

Haywood Hall Barns

Gazebo at Night

Haywood Hall at Night